Monday, August 29, 2011

5th year, or is it 4th?

Beginning the last semester of my 4th year of college, but this is my 5th year in Missoula. No complaints on late graduation. I love this town. Only 3 semesters to go, not too bad considering 3 major changes and semester off from college.

Woke up to cool, humid, and smoke filled air at LoHo on Saturday morning. The dog loved romping around with no leash for our duration there. Kind of a retard, but Callie is in fact, a dog. We warmed up at the classic overhang, did some variations and were feeling out of shape. Went to super rad, tried some zulu eliminates. Dumb, yes. Fun, yes.

Floating and BBQ'n ensued for the rest of the weekend, not a bad way to end a solid Missoula summer.

I might, maybe, perhaps go to the school gym tonight. It's there, but it's also the school gym. Can't expect much. If anything I'll get back into some sort of shape.

Freestone opens it's doors this week, I think. Hopefully people can climb on some problems that are different from the school gym. Too many angles in the school gym, so blank, flat canvases should be extremely easy to make intriguing, great problems at Freestone. With that being said, I don't want to climb on some ego infused turds, that I see so often at school. If I'm paying 35 a month for a membership, I want quality setting, or at the very least, access to holds and drills.

Somewhat Excited.


  1. oh the comfort of the school gym...wait, no. have fun ooglling sweats and climbing dahli bs v2. bite the bullet and by the pass mannnggg.

  2. *buy. i'm as retarded as your dog

  3. biting the bullet in 20 minutes. here goes nothing or $400 a year...