Sunday, September 25, 2011

Freestone Grand Opening and the Future?

Yesterday was the grand opening of Freestone climbing gym.  It's been open for about a month, collecting memberships of the die-hard dirtbags and getting the buzz out.  With two kegs, a BBQ, and climbing, the place was packed.  I'd say more than 50 people were there during the slideshows/movies/emptying of the  last keg.  Walt had me give a quick slideshow on Lolo, so I managed to talk Levi into speaking a bit before I showed 20 or so photos.  The crowd was loud and drunk, which I had no problem with, considering the circumstances.  But a few people really just wouldn't shut the fuck up.  Specifically the DJ I heard several times chatting up a storm, a conversation that apparently couldn't wait 5 minutes.    After the media was over, a drunken dyno session ensued.  After a solid 30 minutes of lining up to do absurdly big and difficult jumps, I had my fill and went on to another party.  An excellent day for sure.

In other news, depending on rock quality, this place could be the future of bouldering in Montana.  In the coming weeks a few of us are going to venture out to this giant boulder field to check it out.

 Several house-sized blocs, waiting to be climbed.

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