Monday, September 19, 2011


Sunday morning Levi picked me up with plans of crushing at Lolo, we dropped by Bob and Justin's house to caravan but unfortunately Bob threw a hail-mary the night before downtown, so he was stuck in bed. Bob and Justin are some good ol' Wyoming boys that just moved up here a couple months ago. Cool and strong dudes, just what we needed in Missoula. We took Justin on a ride of his life up Spring Gulch and 4200, pulling up to the top of Granite Ridge to a soaked road. Motivation dropped, so we took Justin on a tour of the Pistol, Euro Stone, and Super Chron boulders. Back at the truck we decided to dick around on the Beautiful boulder. Boobies, Way of the Samurai, Heartbroken, and the mega-project were tried.

Some photos:

Justin up high on Heartbroken V8/9

Cuttin' feet on the intro cross move

Levi warming up on Way of the Samurai V10

Airing out Hooray for Boobies V6

Another from Way of the Samurai

Anniversary photo with our dogchild Callie.


  1. also, glad to hear more rad strongmen are migrating to missouland

  2. Mega proj sit starts on pockets below the start jug to heartbroken, works up terrible holds to the scoop, then some terrible crimps to the jug of heartbroken, then climb that problem. consensus is that levi will do it eventually, he has done all of the moves, and it will go around V11.