Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Now that I have a job during school I have more financial freedom to plan trips, bouldering or not.  This makes me overwhelmingly excited, giddy like a school girl.  At the moment I have 3 trips planned in the comming three months, the Golden Triangle, Leavenworth, Tacoma/Bishop.

The Golden Triangle, what I'm calling a potential bouldering spot in Montana, is far from anything I have ever come across.  Normally you associate bouldering to the mountains, but this may prove that wrong.  Or it could be terrible.  Let's hope not.  I've poured probably a solid 24 hours into research of the area; mapping, type or rock, and property owners, in the past 4 or 5 months.  Potentially in 10 days, potentially in 17 days, potentially after Leavenworth, not sure when I plan on making the trek over there.  Look for updates in the coming weeks.

Leavenworth, mid-October with SAMANDKIRSTEN, omg.  We are rallying over for brews and boulders.  I've been to Leavenworth twice during the mid-summer, so temps were not ideal.  I've managed to do a couple good/hard problems there, but there are so many good problems I want to finish up.  Specifically the Coffee Cup, Prism, Busted, and continue projecting Cotton Pony(dream problem).  I know Sammy has been getting his BB's on at the circuit, so maybe, just maybe, the worlds will align and we will send some shit.

Tacoma/Bishop, the biggggg trip planned.  Now that I'm a big boy, I don't need to go home to my family for christmas, a holiday I absolutely don't believe in religiously (firm atheism here).  So I am headed to Tacoma with my lovely girlfriend for the holidays, through New Years.  Gonna eat lots of protein/fat to prep for Bishop, maybe go to BC, maybe do an alpine climb with her dad?! I don't know.  Then after New Years, we are headed down to meet, yes, you guessed it, SAMANDKIRSTEN, in PDX.  From there we will caravan down to bloclandia, climb for two weeks and come back to Missoula for a late winter-session class.  So many things to do in Bishop, I have been there once, 2.5 years ago when I was a gumby v4 climber.  High Plains Drifter, Checkerboard, Soul Slinger, Atari, Disco Diva, and Stained Glass look super quality.  Stoked!

After enduring a wicked cold, many gym sessions, and fewer benders, I'm getting a bit leaner.  Feeling like I can crank on just about anything, for about 5 moves.


  1. Ya shoulda hit me up on that mapping. I pull that info on the daily. Ownership maps are basic kid. Hope the zone works out for ya. If it's that pic from the other day...looks interesting.

  2. I already figured out who owns the land, and I have their names and phone numbers, the field is basically split in half by a fence I think. I'll let ya know if I come across anymore red tape though.

  3. start saving da monies!!!!! and improve the 5 move endurance!!!!