Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Somewhat of an Asshole

People that know me well, know that I'm kind of an asshole. Kind of to say the least. Keep in mind that I realize I can be perhaps a bit jaded, argumentative, elitist and close-minded.

I had a BBQ a couple weeks back and a couple of us were talking shit about some shitty people, naturally. Levi pointed out that I didn't like anyone. It wasn't a stark realization that I'm introverted and unfriendly, but it certainly proved the point that I'm just a rude guy to most people.

I could compromise and make everyone feel happy-happy-joy-joy when they are around me, but is it even worth it? I don't feel like myself when I'm Mr. KissAss, and I'm debating on whether that is a good or bad thing, or just a thing.

Here is an example from the other day:

I'm in the gym, some egotistical turd of a guy decides to spray me down with beta on something I've never tried, something that I would like to figure out on my own. Would I say "Oh gosh, thanks for showing me, I didn't even have to ask!" or would I say, "Kindly fuck off, spray yourself while you urinate instead of spraying me." Normally I would gravitate to the second one, but I landed somewhere in between with a blank stare at him with no words. Yes, he was only trying to help, but clearly it shows that he wants to show off, consciously or subconsciously. Fuck that, I say, when I'm paying $30 a month of a membership, keeping to myself and trying hard, the last thing I want is the turd-teacher up on the wall narrating the sequence.

I've come to two possibilities.

1. I'm an outrageous dick, who needs to be more open to people like turd-teacher
2. I have finer taste in who I want to talk to and be friends with, hence my innate ability to pick out the gems and scoff at the turds.

In other news, I turn 23 in a matter of days. In true fashion I will be out at Lost Horse for the Boulder Bash, getting beyond fucked up on beer and maybe some bouldering in between the 120z curls.

Somewhat Older


  1. 3rd possibility: A compromise between 1 & 2. there's a fine line between outlandish asshole and mister brownosefuckface in the gym. It's called being genuine. you are never obliged to be "nice" to someone (besides family or inlaws or gf or gfs family or boss), but it sure doesn't hurt your popularity. On the flip side, being a dick just cuz is lame and i ain't wanna be around that shit. And i don't think you do either. remember when carlo was being less than friendly to you? ya, it sucked.

    also, just because you're paying a membership doesn't exclude you from beta spray and gumby allstars. i pay twice (somehow) what you pay and am subjected to the WORST hipstergymratelitismretards, but you can't tell people not to come climb at 'your' gym. or 'your secret area.' ;)

  2. Popularity? This is exactly what I'm talking about, I'm not striving for popularity, I'm striving to be myself.

    Also, I don't feel bad for your gym experiences whatsoever. Portland is expensive and full of hipsters. You knew that before you moved there! I'm not saying this is my gym, it's equally everyone that pays dues there. But when it's quite obvious that I don't want to talk to people, they should probably catch the hint and respect that.

    I'll be kickin' cars and flailing just for you this weekend.

  3. "it's called being genuine....but it doesn't hurt your popularity." we be making the same point.

    and i'm not seeking sympathy for the portland gym scene. just trying to drive home the point that spraylordofplastic are everywhere.

    finally- the right side of emicik's truck needs some love. i volunteer either corky, levi, or ty schemch (since he's on such a roll)