Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Urrpdate

Hell of a weekend. Victoria's sister Eliza and boyfriend Bryce came into town Friday night. Went downtown and met up with some good folks to celebrate my birthday a couple days early. Many shots and strong beers ensued, as we ended up pretty hammered at the Oxford at 1 a.m. Woke up a bit haggard, slowly packed the car and Victoria and I were off for round two of the birthday bender. Got to Lost Horse, did Montana Meathook for the millionth time and deemed the temps too hot. Stuck around camp for a bit, took the dog for a swim, and watched the people roll in. Overall a strong showing, clearly a sign of solid marketing by Corey and random but very strong climbing community. It's eye-opening being stuck in certain cliques, when you see 100 people out supporting LoHo canyon that you've never seen at LoHo canyon. Interesting. The dyno comp was less than inspirational. Poor setting was surely the diagnosis. But the keg was tapped and people were stoked. It was like climbers had a welfare program and Corey was the communist dictator, giving away endless prizes for the raffle. Nice to see a lot of happy campers with new gear. I, however, got fuck all nothing...aka a chalk bag with chalk/tape. Useful I suppose. After the raffle, a select group of elite climbers/stoners convened and all was right in the world. Passed out early, left the canyon early and was treated to BB'S BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST AT MCDONALDS. Victoria knows me so well. A relaxed day included lunch/beers with my dad and a Big Dipper SUPERNOVA to top it off.

Somewhat Heavier

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