Monday, October 10, 2011


Yesterday was the last session for the season on 4200.  The road closes this weekend, when we will be in Leavenworth, so no more upper 4200 bouldering for me.  I might be motivated to head up to the Hideout, just past where the gate closes, but not in the near future.  Granite Creek road is probably where I'll concentrate on, considering I've never even bouldered in that sector of Lolo.  Home to the beautiful Tor rock, among others, I'm pretty excited to check out the pebbles scattered in that valley.  Maybe Joe's shartmonster or whatever the fuck its called will see a session in the coming weeks.

Back to yesterday.  Victoria, Callie the turd-dog, and I picked up Justin and Bubbers the yoda-dog in the early afternoon.  We climbed in the Journeymen, for about an hour, then the Beautiful boulder for a couple more.  Justin sent the classic At All Costs SDS, Ginger and Not in Pubic.  A solid day for Justin.  I managed to worm my way up Ginger again, only after complete middle finger carnage from the mono on Not in Public.  Nothing serious, just a lot of blood/skin lost.  It's unfortunate having sausage fingers that don't fit in monos.

A couple gym sessions this week and then off to Leavenworth, where I will try my hardest to slay the Coffee Cup.  And beer.

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