Saturday, November 19, 2011


Not much to report as of late, school is in full effect, thoroughly working me into the ground.  One 10 page paper and presentation on the "Plutonism and Denudation of the Lolo Batholith" and another 10 page paper and presentation on "The Scapegoat Wilderness as a Mountain Environment" should be a riveting good time in the coming weeks.  A couple of maps to be made, two take home finals and I should be home free. 

Slowly prepping for Bishop, compiling an outlandish ticklist that won't even come close to being completed.  Working a lot of hours at the shop to make some mad money so I can pay for Bishop.  Hunting every Sunday, getting shut the fuck down.  Unfortunately, Lolo is a place where only Whitetail bucks can be shot with a general A-tag, leaving 75% of the deer I see off limits to hunting.  I've seen maybe 6 or 7 deer up there this season in probably 30 hours of walking.  A humbling and challenging experience to hunt whitetails in the mountains.  Could potentially be harder than elk hunting in the mountains because whitetails tend to hang in groups of TWO rather than FIFTY PLUS.  

Anyways, I'm feeling light, at the gym at least, flashing 6's and 7's, hunting tomorrow, drinking beer tonight.  Life is good.  

Victoria and I donated a 20 pound turkey to charity.  Y'all should do something, too.

Callie taking a bath!  OMG.  

The endless landscape of the Bitterroot Range, from 4200.

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