Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Solitary Enjoyment

I found myself following fresh deer tracks Sunday morning, at a brisk 20 or so degrees, in the maze of old logging roads in Lolo.  I managed to park at the 4200 gate before sunrise, trying to get an "alpine start" on those tricky bastards.  After a couple of miles up 4200, I took a shortcut to access another road, the same the leads to the Opium Den from Granite Ridge.  As soon as I hit the road I was greeted by copious amounts of wolf tracks, fresh from Saturday or earlier that morning.  The one nice thing about being below freezing that morning was that tracks from the rainy Saturday were frozen solid.  Eventually some wolf shit worked it's way into the mix, and by the far the most terrifying sign of the day was a set of grizzly tracks that intersected the road.  Clearly, I'm not the only hunter here, and certainly not the best.  Even though I carried my .30-06 with ample shells, I finished out my drainage loop with an unsettling feeling.  As I got close to the car, near the Hideout and Dorado boulders, a blue jay flew out of some bushes as I nearly wet myself thinking it was a bear.  Not one minute later 3 whitetails, my tag, spooked up and vanished into the thick Lolo forest.  After 3o minutes of scouring the thick trees, I deemed it useless, walked back to the car, humbled to say the very least.  

Headed back out this weekend, to the same spot, as I have a sneaking suspicion on where they will be feeding in the morning.  Wish me luck, as I apparently need all the help I can get.  

In other news, Freestone finally reset the 45 wall.  This has been long awaited.  Grades seem a bit off, but whatever.  I heard that the Head Douchebag  Setter doesn't use outdoor bouldering grades to compare difficulty to indoor problems.  Not sure why he uses V-Grades.  A clear winner, he is.  The setting on some of the new ones are phenomenal, though.  I had a sneaking suspicion that Levi and Bob had set the two harder routes, and boy, I was right.  Nice work, kids.

Somewhat George B. Grinnell


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  1. you truly are a poo connoisseur...kill me some bear meat for my birfday!