Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bitterroot Blue Bird

Easily the most beautiful day I've ever seen at Lost Horse was today.  40 and not a cloud to be seen.  There is still quite a bit of snow in the open parts of the forest, the roadside has around 5 inches of crusty snow and the road after the resort is solid ice.  I would imagine you could get to the bridge in a 4x4 or all-wheel drive rig.  Warmed up on Bug Eyes, scouted some boulders and tried some harder stuff before the resort.  Got completely whooped by everything I tried.  Had the whole place to myself, which makes me wonder about other climbers in Missoula.  Maybe they were skiing the gnar or roping up at Mill Creek or Kooter.  Probably they were in the gym, working some shitty problems.  More for me I suppose.   

Callie, soaking up the sun. 

Callie and the powerful Bug Eyes

Anyone know what this boulder is?  Looks rad/thin/hard.  The arete is probably V1-2

Plan B project, Girl's Best Friend Boulder.  Upon further attempts, I think the main line will go around solid V9

The other side project, V12? at least.  This thing is absurd.

This boulder problem is the future of Missoula/Bitterroot bouldering.

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  1. nice tags. pebbles look nice. give me more hatorade!