Tuesday, February 21, 2012

President's Day Weekend

I managed to get out to Lost Horse on Saturday with Victoria and little dog.  A bit of snow the night before soaked the majority of boulders we visited, but we got some of climbing in.

Slushy boulders

I finally got to try the crimpy face on the Snowbound boulder, but unfortunately the top was soaked and covered in ice so I couldn't try the final dyno to the lip.  I figured out the first 3 or 4 moves from the start, which involve 1/4 pad flat crimps and get smaller and much worse as one progresses up the boulder.  I think I should be able to finish it off next session if the top is dry.  Not sure how hard this one will be because the dyno will certainly be the crux, but probably anywhere from V6-8.

Tiny crimps = lots of blood/skin loss, photo by Victoria

Little dog looking very disapproving of my branch breaking.  The start is shown below my head on the flat cube flake and moves up and left.  Photo by Victoria.

I also got lucky with the weather on Monday, so I took little dog out again and looked for dry rock.  We ended up at Upper Roadside and I did Ender's Game and tried to low start to Travis' Problem.  Ender's Game would be a really good problem if the tree was gone and if it was harder.  I ended up dropping from the top as once again, the top out was pure ice.  Next stop was Big Chuck area to try the low start to Big Chuck.  I fired off "the move" pretty quick from the stand but ended up bleeding profusely from my left pointer tip, pooling blood in the tiny crimp slot needed to gain the edge shown in the photo.  While the sit is pretty cool, I don't think it warrants another grade.  The moves are no harder than V3, but then again, this problem is fairly easy for a person of my height.

Screenshot on Big Chuck, Callie ignoring me.

Frustrated and bloody, I went down and finally did the tiny turd that is Undertow.  Ended up traversing out left on the top out and stepped off because of ice.

I really need to bring a shovel with me.

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