Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lost Horse

Rolled out with Levi "maverick" Parchen to LoHo in the early a.m. today to beat the 80 degree forecast.  Managed to be at roadside by 9:30, the earliest I've ever made it there, an alpine start for sure!  Warmed up on the circuit, did a new problem on the gladiator boulder, though it may have been done before.  We were thinking around V6/7, though it's height dependent and there is two ways to do it.  Levi in all of his core strength was able to match up the terrible slopers while I managed a neat moon-kick to a flat crimper.  Pretty cool line.  Similar movement to Montana Meathook, but quite a bit harder.

We checked out Seemingly Impossible, the worlds most sandbagged V6.  Levi pieced the moves together but no send.  I flailed, naturally. 

Since the weather had been warm all week, we decided to drive up the canyon to test out my new rig and to see how far up one could get.  We managed to get up 4 or 5 miles until the snow pack got a little too deep and soft.  We were going to check out a talus field I have been scouting but being day drunkish at 2 pm when it's 70 out leaves something to be desired.  A nap, specifically. 

A stellar day out in the woods.  Lolo season is fucking close!  I would imagine 4200 is still a bit snowy but if this weather prevails for a little longer, Lolo season will begin.

In other news, but not "news" we saw maybe two parties out climbing today.  I know all those university superstars were tearing up some sicky gnar plastic today.  What a waste of a day.  I guess plastic and 5.8 Mill Creek choss prevails.

I was at the Bridge Pizza this evening in my quest for obesity and overheard some bros talking about climbing.  I love overhearing climbing discussions, especially when they are so blatantly idiotic and out of touch.  A good one:

"You ever been to Pipestone Pass?" "Yeah man, they have really awesome gear sales there!"

-Forever an asshole


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