Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quick Update

Photos are posted from Bishop.  It was an excellent time, getting away from the bubble of Missoula and all of it's shitness.  Felt good going to an area where we didn't know anyone, except for a random gym rat Dean who is on a long road trip from Missoula.  I forgot how deafening the desert really is, just wind and sun. Chapped lips, sun burns, and dehydration - check.  Had a couple good sends, as did Victoria.  Tried a lot of problems, have a lot of projects to get back to.  Of course.  I forgot how glassy everything is down there which was a MAJOR drawback.  Trying hard on glass in 75 degree heat with 30 mph winds certainly didn't make for the best conditions, but we made the best of it.  We left early because of tornado like conditions and relaxed at Victoria's parents house for a couple of days before getting back to Missoula.  We ate like royalty which was a nice change from desert dirtbag life. 

School is nearly over.  Only a month until Victoria graduates.  Levi tells me Lolo is starting to clear up.  New areas are calling.  The weekend looks stellar for sending conditions.  The plan is to go check out a some new boulders near Kootenai this weekend.  I've been scouting digitally and as one can imagine, the Bitterroot is endless.  I know people have their own little boulder areas that never get press, but it's still amazes me that more areas haven't been developed.  I'm not sure if thats because peole are lazy and unimaginative or if it's that they are ignorant, having no idea such fruitful areas exist close to Missoula.  Expect photos from the new area this weekend.  I have a good feeling about this area, as it sits in the mylonite shear zone of the Bitterroot and the terrain lends itself to steep climbing. 

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