Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Stuff

Found a grip load of boulders near a frequented area yesterday while grouse hunting.  The weekend will see us there for some cleaning, first ascents and exploration. 

In other, less important news:  the Lolo blog has come to fruition.  The Lolo Bouldering blog is where most of my posting will be from now on.  It's sort of like the great folks over at Montana Bouldering.  Levi, Justin and I will be contributing to it with photos, libel, and beta in the near future.  It's sort of under construction at the moment but there are a couple of posts up. 


  1. Is "pound town" code for backwoods man-on-man action??? ...Admit it, thats what really keeps you going back to into the woods. (i wanted to leave this comment on your new page, but it appears you've disabled comments.)

  2. haha, joe. you totally figured it out. you should come to poundtown before the road closes. ill figure out the comments thing today.