Friday, May 24, 2013

Reinstated: Portland/Lander Edition

Rising out of the ashes and throttling forward like explosive diarrhea out of your butthole, Somewhat Bouldering has returned to dominate the dark, avant-garde corner of the climbing blogosphere.  A bit different this time as my brother from my Connecticut mother, Iskra, is also contributing to this heaping pile of turds. 

News flash, we have moved away from the motherland to Portland(Brolo) and Lander(Iskra).  Essentially this is a very public conversation between the two of us, a way around the Facebook fuckery.  Mainly though, we wanted to continue the Lolo Bouldering mentality through another blog. 

Expect boner-inducing photos of Devil’s Kitchen and the rest of what Wyoming has to offer from Iskra.  Something tells me that we will all become quite jealous of what he is going to be climbing on this summer. 

And from me, you can expect lowball choss and a guy who burglarizes turds.

 The first image that comes up when you Google 'carver bouldering' is some old dude topping out a boulder at dick height.  Not lowball choss, lowball moss.

 So goddamn legendary.  A young and drunk turdburglar.

Summer Dream Project #1


  1. That picture of Sambone is fucking hilarious. Everyday Portland attire?

  2. hey now hey nooowww. damnit facebook. Better start your 55degree pinch dyno skillz on shit feet for cotton pony. WELCOME TO LOWBALL RAINLAND