Monday, June 17, 2013


Went to Leavenworth this past Saturday for a quick spirit quest in the sweatlodge that is the eastern Cascades.  Made a send of summer dream project part I, proper start to follow soon.  Fucking humidity and heat.  

Monday, June 3, 2013

Dogs Also Shit in the Woods

I've been doing some things.  Here are those things.

Dunes.  Oregon Coast.

Walther PPK BB Gun.  So much fun.

Reunited with the Beardog

You know it.


Conditions were not prime but I did manage a little bit of sending/punting.  Alpine start, at the boulder at 730am!

The wildlife of the suburban NW. 

Until next time.  Carver?  Leavenworth?  The Moon?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Reinstated: Portland/Lander Edition

Rising out of the ashes and throttling forward like explosive diarrhea out of your butthole, Somewhat Bouldering has returned to dominate the dark, avant-garde corner of the climbing blogosphere.  A bit different this time as my brother from my Connecticut mother, Iskra, is also contributing to this heaping pile of turds. 

News flash, we have moved away from the motherland to Portland(Brolo) and Lander(Iskra).  Essentially this is a very public conversation between the two of us, a way around the Facebook fuckery.  Mainly though, we wanted to continue the Lolo Bouldering mentality through another blog. 

Expect boner-inducing photos of Devil’s Kitchen and the rest of what Wyoming has to offer from Iskra.  Something tells me that we will all become quite jealous of what he is going to be climbing on this summer. 

And from me, you can expect lowball choss and a guy who burglarizes turds.

 The first image that comes up when you Google 'carver bouldering' is some old dude topping out a boulder at dick height.  Not lowball choss, lowball moss.

 So goddamn legendary.  A young and drunk turdburglar.

Summer Dream Project #1

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Stuff

Found a grip load of boulders near a frequented area yesterday while grouse hunting.  The weekend will see us there for some cleaning, first ascents and exploration. 

In other, less important news:  the Lolo blog has come to fruition.  The Lolo Bouldering blog is where most of my posting will be from now on.  It's sort of like the great folks over at Montana Bouldering.  Levi, Justin and I will be contributing to it with photos, libel, and beta in the near future.  It's sort of under construction at the moment but there are a couple of posts up. 

Friday, September 21, 2012


New problems have been going up all around the forest.  The season is here and it feels fucking great.  We have been seeing more cars up at the boulders which is a good thing.  People need to get out and explore those woods!

Exploration and discovery is an integral part to this sort of 'adventure' bouldering we have in Lolo.  Thick forests and a real lack of drivable roads lends itself well to the adventurous climber.  This isn't for the lazy grid bolters or gym rats.  I know this because I was once a lazy gym rat.  Fortunately Levi's drive for new stone is infectious and it clearly has rubbed off on me.  This climbing is not a 'game' as some people see it.  This is work and you damn well better clock in your time card and reap the rewards.  Or as Guru says "I put in work and watch my status escalate."

Expect a fair amount of Lolo beta coming to the internet soon.  We've been considering posting a few areas, directions and beta this winter so people can get excited for the spring season.  But don't wait until spring.  Go seek the unknown, shred your tips, shoot guns, drink some beers and fucking enjoy it.  Lolo in the fall is unreal.

Iskra and I are rolling out today to shoot my new pistol and check out adventure bouldering 2.0.  We are spoiled for choice.  Photos next post.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Gunning for a birthday send of Cosmic Damage.  Here is Levine before his first ascent.  Photo by brolo Iskra. 

Lolo 4 days in a week?  Fall sessions! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Season

Levi did Cosmic Damage.  

School started.  For the 6th time.  Fortunately my last year.  Enough said on that topic. 

But with school starting, more leisure time allows for more climbing.  Starting Sept. 1st I'll be carrying my gun along with climbing shoes in my pad.  Upland bird season and climbing season coincide so well together, making the best days in life:  bagging a limit and scoring some points on the sharp Lolo batholith. 

The next few months will be dedicated to school, painting, a wedding, bird/elk hunting in Lolo, deer hunting in the Milk and Missouri rivers, and of course flailing.

I fucking love this place.