Monday, August 29, 2011

5th year, or is it 4th?

Beginning the last semester of my 4th year of college, but this is my 5th year in Missoula. No complaints on late graduation. I love this town. Only 3 semesters to go, not too bad considering 3 major changes and semester off from college.

Woke up to cool, humid, and smoke filled air at LoHo on Saturday morning. The dog loved romping around with no leash for our duration there. Kind of a retard, but Callie is in fact, a dog. We warmed up at the classic overhang, did some variations and were feeling out of shape. Went to super rad, tried some zulu eliminates. Dumb, yes. Fun, yes.

Floating and BBQ'n ensued for the rest of the weekend, not a bad way to end a solid Missoula summer.

I might, maybe, perhaps go to the school gym tonight. It's there, but it's also the school gym. Can't expect much. If anything I'll get back into some sort of shape.

Freestone opens it's doors this week, I think. Hopefully people can climb on some problems that are different from the school gym. Too many angles in the school gym, so blank, flat canvases should be extremely easy to make intriguing, great problems at Freestone. With that being said, I don't want to climb on some ego infused turds, that I see so often at school. If I'm paying 35 a month for a membership, I want quality setting, or at the very least, access to holds and drills.

Somewhat Excited.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Vacation is Over

My last full time day of painting was on Wednesday. I spent over 6 weeks working with Bob, the man with leather air fresheners, and he finally passed me the roller and brush on our last job. Cuttin' and rollin' as we call it, simple and easy, even if you have the motor skills of a drunk 90 year old. I had mixed feelings on my last day, watching helicopters dump water on the fire by Bonner while I was masking off windows in a million dollar condo. Relieved that I was done working long days, but reluctant to get back to the grind of school. Part time will have to do, I suppose.

The past couple of weeks have involved a lot of drinking, floating and dog walking. It's been grand. Had a BBQ the other night at our place. Ended up taking some photos of Levi and Kelsey climbing the I-beam on the foot bridge.

The weekend is shaping up to be damn good. We are heading out to LoHo after Victoria's Montana Kaimin meeting, with our dog child Ms. Callison Doofus Lambchoppington. Climb some boulders, drink some beer and let the dog run rampant. Roots Festival on Saturday night and potentially some floating sometime before school.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Doggin' It

Victoria picked me up from work today with a 65lb bundle of fur. Callie, a shepherd mix, is the newest addition to our apartment/life. A little needy at first, but currently taking a nap after two walks and some river swimming. She'll come into her own very soon. Rad dog.

Sam - Diego is V0, Callie is V10

So next time we go bouldering, bring the treats.

No climbing this weekend, as 95 degree heat makes my brain sweat just thinking about it.

See you on the river.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Turns out...

There is more to life than bouldering.

The past few months have been not so much bouldering, but more so working-moving-hot weathering. Though Victoria and I have been out to Lolo and Lost Horse a couple of times, even a Leavenworth trip, we haven't been actively pursuing climbing, as much it pains me to write.

I've been fortunate in the past 4 or so years by avoiding any climbing related injury, sans an almost severed finger via my favorite rusty, dull hatchet while at Lost Horse. But unfortunate also by not really taking a step back and evaluating all the time dedicated to training and climbing. I could be described as an addict, once I try something I enjoy, almost always I will be seeking it out whenever I can. You can thank me later American Spirit and Blackfoot Brewery. So my addiction to bouldering has almost come full circle to my possible intervention? I will always strive for physical fitness when it comes to bouldering, but perhaps in the future I won't always project at my limit. V0-V4 days are fun, I think, and I plan on scheduling them in more.

Props to Joe Schmechel for being a choss master. Sincerely jealous of your grandiose Glacier excursions.

Sam Johnson, please contribute to society AND KIRSTEN by getting a job.

In late June I took a job being sort of an apprentice painter. I've always been fond of blue collar workers, because blue collar folks work hard, but maybe more importantly play harder. The mindset of someone like Bob(my yoda painter teacher extraordinaire) is certainly mind-boggling. 5 DUI's, prison time, ultra-conservative borderline tea partier would perfectly describe him, but being taught by someone you normally wouldn't consider "good folk" is humbling and eye opening.

So tonight, I raise my 16oz of lukewarm Rainier to bouldering, blue collars and my lovely girlfriend who has to put up with all of this.