Sunday, January 29, 2012

Trailer Boulders

Got absolutely shredded at the Trailer Boulders on Saturday.  A big crew met up and sampled The Aristocrat, Teardrop Arete, Airstream, Cobble Slab?, Dagmar's Hot Pants, Blood Feather, Levi's Lowball, Pope's Simulator, and Heart of Darkness.  Props to Fruh for the second ascent of Levi's Heart of Darkness.  Proud send.  Thanks to Tom for giving us a tour.  It was an excellent day.  

Only two photos of the day:

Fruh on an arete project in the Clusters/Courtyard?

Victoria on the Cobble Slab

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mini Vacation


1,900 Miles

Missoula, MT
Sandpoint, ID
Tacoma, WA
Seattle, WA
Port Townsend, WA
Portland, OR
Cannon Beach, OR
Sequim, WA
Crescent Lake, WA

Got home yesterday from an eventful mini vacation.  Spent a lot of time in the car, but well worth the driving.  We drank dozens of micro-brews, spent time with Victoria's family, rode the light rail to Seattle, walked the dogs, visited Sam/Kirsten in PDX for a couple of days, and found out on the drive over that Victoria got an internship at the Oregonian for the summer.  Booyah.  

Though we forgot our climbing shoes, all was not lost in the climbing realm.  Sam managed to "hook up" some size 12.5 Evolv Defy's when we went to Portland.  Sam proceeded to do work on hipster-gymrats while I'll flailed around on the steep.  Victoria managed to snag a pair of her sister's old climbing shoes so we both got some new gym shoes.  The Circuit was rad, of course.  It was my second time there and gyms like this make you realize what Freestone is not.  While both gyms can only be as good as their climbing community allows, it's clear that Portland has an endless supply of gym rats.  Hopefully sometime soon Freestone can be on par with a place like the Circuit.  We also managed a session at the gigantic Seattle Bouldering Project.  Prices were fair, it was clean, and the problems that we sampled were fairly good.  The atmosphere was rather plain and the gym was almost too big.  But I would imagine if I lived there I would be giving them a monthly sum of money.

Trying to decide on Bishop, Red Rocks, Joe's Valley or Leavenworth for spring break.  This is Victoria's last college spring break, so we are doing it up big.  Any suggestions?  I've been everywhere but Red Rocks, so maybe some desert sandstone/casino pimpin' is in order.  

School starts in less than two weeks, will the weather hold and allow for some climbing?  Probably not.

Some photos from the trip:

Callie running around like a goddamn idiot - Dash Point, WA

Jasmin, Victoria and Callie chase birds - Dash Point, WA

Cannon Beach, OR

Mt. Rainier, WA