Monday, March 26, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Flailfest with SPARKER

I picked up Sparker Thursday for an afternoon of flailing down at LoHo.  Warmed up on the usual shit at Roadside, then I showed him the Snowbound project.  We tried it for a bit and deemed it too sharp and hard, so we moved on up to Girlfriend's Best Friend boulder.  Tried the 9ish project for about an hour, I couldn't do anything on it, as usual, but Scotty had some good goes on it.  We then tried the much harder, weirder, kind of contrived arete on the backside of the boulder.  More flailing ensued.  Photos:

Keep that foot on, Scotty!

It's all choss.

Setting up for the first move deadpoint.  

If this problem were to have a few more feet on it, it was probably be V5, fortunately there is dime edges facing the wrong way.  Probably one of the last best projects in LoHo proper.

In other news, I'm getting a new car in a couple weeks.  Pretty excited.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Wowzers, school just got fucking REAL.  Shit is cray.

I started working again, already logged 16 hours in a couple of days.  One day was spent at Sorella's Day Spa, painting the downstairs, which was great because I actually got to cut and roll (and bitch prep work).  I spent a solid 7 hours crouching so my right thigh looks like this:

I canceled the Freestone membership, it's great not to spend $60 a month on garbage.  I also think I've been outside more this year than most climbers at Freestone have in there life.  Feels good to get outside, goddamn!  On that note, Victoria and I went to LoHo for a couple of hours this past Saturday so I could shovel off some boulders and flail on projects.  It was pretty wet, as it had snowed 3 inches the night before.  AND we actually saw around 15 elk before the resort and heard phantom wolf cries down the canyon.  An odd day for sure.

Tomorrow looks fucking prime.  Sparker has been resurrected from the dead and we are going out to LoHo around noon.  See you out there?  Probably not.

Photos to come.