Monday, May 7, 2012

Lolo - Photos and Video

Sunday saw good temps and a solid crew up at the Hideout.  Gate is still closed, but the extra 10 minutes of hiking is easy and flat.  Justin, Levi, Dean and myself got to the gate at 4200 before 11, fairly early for these guys.  Things were a tad bit wet, but we managed to get some climbing in.  Levi got the long awaited first ascent of the Viking Project.  Once was a one move wonder, but Levi found some micro slopes and divots on the arete and managed to float his way up it.  Got video of the send down below.  Some photos:

Hideout Fire

Iskra on the funky delicate first move of the Rabbit

Iskra trying hard on the ridiculous compression moves

The Rabbit has teeth.

Levi on the Viking Project

Tenuous footwork

Iskra trying the OG beta

Callie enjoying the endless maze of Lolo granite

Endless terrain

Here is the video of the send: