Monday, June 4, 2012

Lolo Update

With the gate open at the quarry, Lolo has been seeing more action.  Though the weather has been pretty shit, the core group continues to clean and get out during the quick breaks of weather.  I'll take a rainy Lolo day over plastic anyday.

Justin and Levi got the 4th and 5th ascent of the Alchemist a couple weeekends ago.  Certainly the only time Levi will get a 5th ascent anywhere in Lolo.  Justin's friend Rob? put up a new problem on the Euro Stone to the left of the Alchemist as well.

Dean, Justin and myself got out yesterday to Elk Rock and the Beautiful Boulder.  A great day with excellent conditions.  The Clamshell face and arete saw sends as well as the right line on the Ponderosa Boulder.  We hit up Hooray for Boobies and tried Not in Public but deemed the day shot after popping out of the mono several times.  I forgot how excellent the dyno on Hooray for Boobies is.  Easily one of the best moves and problems I've ever tried, seen or will see.  Stellar to say the very least.

The past week seems like a preview of the summer.  Woody sessions during the week and Lolo on the weekends.  Accompanied by 40 hours of painting it should be a busy summer.  Victoria started today at the Oregonian in Portland.  Sounds like she is going to busy in the city of post grad privledge.

Now it's time to wait through the epic Montana thunderstorms.